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Why hello, you. I’ve been thinking about this endeavor for a long time. A long. time. ♥

It’s good to be here! This first post though… It’s akin to the overwhelm of blank canvas. Let’s just jump in and allow the goodness to come through, shall we?

I was born a crafter. When I was small in pigtails and overalls, my Mom said all I needed to be happy were a box of crayons and a roll of Scotch tape. (I recall an extensive Play-Doh collection on my childhood timeline as well.) At 36, not much has changed — I have hundreds of washi tape rolls, am happiest when making, and am forever searching for perfect vintage overalls.

My name is Brandi and I live in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by magical tall trees, moss, mushrooms, and fairies. As a self-taught Maker (and introverted homebody), I’m thrilled to spend a rainy afternoon with coffee and cats in my studio. I’m a daily knitter and fiber connoisseur, branching into free-form weaving and embroidery. As appropriate for a paper-loving book-sniffer like myself, I have a collection of vintage ephemera for altered journals and mixed media work and will tea-dye, die-cut or watercolor anything I can get my hands on. I take great satisfaction in making both practical and whimsical wear-ables and items for our home with care and intention. In short, I adore creative play and believe it to be both excellent therapy and conduit to mindful living.

What I’d like to share about here is, the rich loam that lies within making space for your creative self. Inspiration. My delight and appreciation in all the tiny miracles just begging to be unearthed in our everyday lives. Making practical things for yourself and your home that are beautiful and full of love, intention, and meaning. I thrive on the path. The end result of having made something with your hands can be nothing short of exhilarating, but nourishing that work-in-progress fever is at least half the fun. I love peeling back those layers and reveling in all that unites us, not only in our collective longing to make, but our universal uniqueness. We all have something to say, to contribute, to manifest, that is only ours and no one else’s. I know, I know: nothing is original. But you can give a dozen artists the same tools and you’ll get a dozen wholly different glimpses into what moves them. We each have a method, and it’s that one-of-a-kind beauty that brings art into things like math-based disciplines, such as knitting patterns and recipes and rules of composition. They are all templates, mere suggestions until we get our hands dirty, and isn’t that just the coolest?

I love all these things, and I love talking and writing about them. I love the way a freshly baked loaf of bread may come out of the oven with the most interesting and lovely topography, that lace knitting can unfurl in blocking and resemble a painted meadow or a dream, how simply tending our space can ignite a fire within us, a longing for change and movement. These things are meant to be noticed and shared and enjoyed, they are why we are here. I have always seen and felt the intermingling of creativity/domesticity and am fascinated and warmed by it. The humor and joy to be found as we walk through the everyday, the minutiae, is a gift. It is precious, and it is fun. The way we do things, matters.

When I’m not making, I’ve been known to rescue vintage and otherwise secondhand treasures from landfill fate. It makes my heart happy to see old things made new through appreciation and/or re-purpose. When I find more treasure than I can use, I offer things to fellow rescuers/collectors via my Etsy shop. I’m self-employed; I experience connection & abundance through my ten-year massage therapy practice for women. I see all of my clients from home, and I cannot tell you what an absolute joy and luxury that is. This year, I’ll be expanding my vintage and handmade offerings, making some fairly radical attempts to downsize materially and create more than I consume (which I’ll be posting about next!), taking more photographs, and attempting to teach myself French. Petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid ! ♥

I’m blessed with a wonderfully visionary and incredibly encouraging mate, who makes me feel like a newlywed despite having known him over half my life. Together, we aspire to be rural homesteaders with more intentional lifestyles and regular opportunities for stargazing. We enjoy diner breakfasts and traveling when we can.

I’m grateful every single day for such radical love and abundance, and I’m excited to share this journey with you.

xo! ♥ -Brandi


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